About The Opportunity Project

Today's brightest social entrepreneurs use innovative ideas and smart business practices to tackle complex issues like global poverty.

For nearly 20 years, eBay has connected buyers and sellers in an efficient marketplace, fostering entrepreneurship and generating income for millions of people. But there remains an urgent need to engage the untapped potential of citizens around the world.

eBay Foundation, through The Opportunity Project, is addressing this issue by applying resources – from funding to technology, mentoring to training – to connect disadvantaged people with opportunities to become economically independent. The Opportunity Project finds entrepreneurs, innovators and advocates for change who are solving the toughest problems in the world’s most vulnerable communities. Our goal is to help expand the impact of their work—exponentially.

  • What if the favelas in Brazil were equipped with computer labs where people could do work that connects them to the wider world, earns them more money than they’d otherwise make in a lifetime, and ensures a better future for their children?
  • What if turning discarded plastic bags on the streets of India into usable products could generate income to move thousands of families out of the slums?
  • What if mobile phone technology could be utilized to connect job seekers in developing countries who lack regular access to the internet with local employers, linking communities and reducing unemployment through an efficient platform for finding work?

The Opportunity Project will support projects like these that generate employment, provide and improve job placement, create access to markets, and generally give vulnerable individuals the ability to earn a fair wage and be self-sufficient.

As a first step, eBay Foundation partnered with Ashoka Changemakers to present an international competition – Powering Economic Opportunity: Create a World that Works. This open-source competition was designed to find innovative solutions to the issue of global unemployment and underemployment. Since the competition, we have created longer-term partnerships with organizations and intermediaries, such as Grameen Foundation, GSBI, and Mercy Corps, that give underserved people the chance to participate in the economy, provide for their families, and strengthen their communities.

We invite you to join us.