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eBay Foundation Partners with Mercy Corps on Custom-Clouds

eBay Foundation is partnering with Mercy Corps and ThoughtWorks to create Custom-Clouds, a for-profit social enterprise that “will help small growing businesses gain access to web-based business services, and in so doing, increase small business revenue and job growth across the developing world.”

Custom-Clouds is the newest piece of eBay Foundation’s portfolio, which is investing in market-based approaches which have the greatest opportunity to bring innovative solutions to scale. The initiative will support eBay Foundation’s goal of helping low-income entrepreneurs grow their businesses and increase their income. Custom-Clouds specifically aims to reach 10,000 small business owners in Indonesia within two years of launch.

Like eBay Inc., Mercy Corps has made social innovation a core part of their strategy, and believes in the power of web-based services and disruptive technologies to increase the ability to participate in the global economy.

Photo courtesy of Mercy Corps