Team TOP

Team TOP volunteers power The Opportunity Project. Matching skilled employee volunteers with the needs of social entrepreneurs helps scale the impact of innovative ideas.

We believe eBay’s human capital is one of the most valuable resources we can provide to our nonprofit partners through The Opportunity Project. Team TOP will help ensure that our support will have a lasting impact on the nonprofit organization, but the impact on our Team TOP members is equally profound. Employees get the personal satisfaction of knowing they are making a difference in people’s lives, along with the ability to apply their professional skills to a new set of challenges.

“This has been an exciting opportunity for our team of eBay engineers to use our technical expertise to exponentially extend the reach of the Changemakers community. By developing this Facebook application for Ashoka, eBay was able to offer a solution that will last beyond the course of this competition and allow many more people around the world to get involved in social innovation.”
~ Nausher Ahmed Cholavaram

Team TOP employee volunteers are lending their expertise to The Opportunity Project partners in areas ranging from technology to legal to marketing. Team TOP members Hemal Doshi, Nausher Ahmed Cholavaram, Om Prakash Kannusami, Bala Shanka, and Deval Dudhia volunteered to help Ashoka’s Changemakers develop a Facebook application. The app will expand the impact of Ashoka’s Changemakers community of action and further mobilize global participation in social innovation.

Team TOP members Om Prakash Kannusami, Hemal Doshi, Bala Shanka, Deval Dudhia, and Nausher Ahmed Cholavaram developed a Facebook app for Ashoka.

You can learn more about the developers story in 'Our Impact' and we'll continue to share more stories with you on how our Team TOP members around the globe are helping our partners achieve results.

Are you an eBay Inc. employee interested in becoming a Team TOP volunteer? If so, please contact us on the company's intranet, The Hub.